BREAKING NEWS: Tokens4Change 2013 raises $90,000 for homeless youth!

Tokens 4 Change raises money for Youth Without Shelter, a shelter in Etobicoke that gives a home to 1,000 homeless youth a year.

Tokens 4 Change is focused on youth acting for youth. Throughout the year, we run workshops in high schools based on the themes of homelessness. We bring in professional artists and encourage the students to build art in various forms that they then present to the public…art installations, street art, music, choreography, performance art and much more.

Then on one day in February, all the schools take to the streets! They can be found at TTC stations all across the city where they collect donations (either tokens or cash) from commuters. At some of the stations the students perform live. Check out our event schedule for further details of where we were on February 8th 2013.

2013 is only our third year and we are growing fast! In 2011 the event involved 250 volunteers and raised over $30,000. In 2012 we had 400 volunteers and raised almost $75,000. In 2013 we had 400 volunteers and raised an incredible $90,000 in cash for the shelter.

There’s never a bad time to donate. Please click here if you wish to do so. And be sure to check out our Facebook page to see more photos and videos and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with T4C 2014!