Tokens 4 Change

Hi! We are Tokens 4 Change and we were founded in 2010 to support the work of Youth Without Shelter. Tokens 4 Change is completely focused on youth acting for youth.

Here’s how it works…

Tokens4Change 2012 (Image by David Spowart Photography)1) Our core organising team gets in touch with schools across the Greater Toronto Area to recruit teams of students to canvas at the event.

2) Small groups of students and staff members from those schools have the option of visiting our shelter to find out more about the work that goes on there or receiving a visit from a shelter facilitator.

3) Our arts partners visit the schools to run free and fun educational workshops.

Unity at Tokens4Change 2012 (Image by David Spowart Photography)4) In some of the schools, our arts partners collaborate with existing groups and clubs within the schools including choirs, dance corps and drama groups to create short pieces for presentation.

5) On the big day, our student groups each head to a TTC station across Toronto or a location within the Path. Some of them perform pieces many times during the day to raise awareness of youth homelessness through their performances. Others collect either cash or tokens from the commuters.

6) At the end of the day, all our volunteers gather at our central rally, where we all have a chance to meet and to see the performances that the students have created.